Friday, October 28, 2005

We're having a boy!

I had the ultrasound yesterday, and it's official. We're having a boy! I was beaming all day just thinking about how our life is going to change. I feel like we're starting over from the begining! We're going to have to work something out with the living space, since our spare room is a guest room right now, and Kaylee's room is so big I'd like her to share, but it's all purple, and I'm afraid of them keeping eachother up at night. I guess many decisions will have to wait so I can see how Kaylee will be behaving as a 20-month-old. No one can tell me, because every child is different.

I'm just a little nervous to have a boy. I don't think it will be as easy to correct and discipline a boy. Kaylee, for the most part, follows whatever rules we give her. She puts things away, she obeys most of the time, she cries if we seem dissapointed in her, and all in all she WANTS to be good. I'm just not sure we'll get that same ease with a boy.

This baby boy is very very active. Every waking minute he's kicking me. I'm nervous about how I'll manage when he's no longer contained! I'm sure we'll adapt, though. I was nervous about how we'd adjust to having a baby at all, but we did, and we will again.

As far as updates on Kaylee, she is still improving on communication. She tries to do whatever sign language I show her, and she's improving on her accuracy. Also, her speach is improving. She's saying the first part of many words, and is putting several signs together, like "more food." She now understands that "more" can be used in many circumstances, not just pertaining to food. Such as, the other day she was signing "more" for more slide.

We're so happy to have a real family now!! I feel like a true mom!


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  2. Okay, no more anonymous posts. That's just ridiculous!