Saturday, September 17, 2005

Kaylee, Dec 2004

Baby Hay Day

My Baby is going wild today!! I'm talking about the one in my tummy. I've never felt this much movement before! In fact, I was able to see my tummy rising and falling with the bumps and kicks! That's a first for this pregnancy. It's unique because when I was pregnant with Kaylee I don't remember this much movement this early. Kaylee moved very softly most of the time, so it was rare that we could see my tummy move or feel her kick from the outside. I have a feeling this baby has a very different personality. I can't wait to meet him or her!!

Friday, September 16, 2005


That last post was posted early because a certain little girl was playing with the mouse. Well, I was pretty much finished anyway.

I thought I'd let everyone know that we'll be having our ultrasound next month. We are excited to find out the gender, and I can't wait to start really seriously picking out a name. I don't feel an urgency to bring this baby into the world yet because I feel like Kaylee just isn't quite ready. When she can go up and down stairs unassisted, I'll feel much better about having two. As it is, I'm dreading the prospect of carrying two babies plus all their diapers and stuff up and down our 32 stairs every day.

Well, right now, and not for much longer, all of my mom's daughters are pregnant! Tami is due in 3 days, I'm due in February, and Karma is due in May. We are so excited to meet these new additions to our lives!

An update on Kaylee. She can now say in sign language:
thank you

And she can audibly say:
no ("na")
thanks ("dnce")
baby ("beebee")

She learns new signs and words all the time. I can barely keep up! Well, that's all for now!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Family Vacation

Kaylee just had her first trip to the Beach! She loved the sand, but she was very nervous about the ocean, and would run back and forth in front of the tide line anxiously groaning. We would carry her out to wade in the water, and the first day she cried and we had to bring her back ashore. But after that she became more brave, and even wanted to run into the ankle-deep water and then run back out. She also conquered her fear of the pool! While at the beach, she LOVED the pool. Perhaps because the water stayed still. She would kackle and squeel and splash and try to swim as Kevin or I held her. She is changing and growing so very fast. She grew out of her up-to-18lb onsies while we were there, so the last day we had to let her run around with her onsie unbuttoned.