Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Little Stinker

This morning Kaylee woke up in distress. She was screaming and arching her back crying "owie" with tears coming out of her eyes. Kevin was holding her, and she wanted to be held, but then would jolt her body all over the place. She ran around when he put her down, and came back to him with her arms up. Nothing would satisfy her. This went on for a good 10 minutes or so, with the most horrible coliky sounding screams, and then I remembered that arching the back can be a sign of heart burn. I got out the Tums, and gave her part of one. She franticly took it, and stopped crying as soon as she began swallowing. I was satisfied that I had diagnosed the correct problem.
Then later this morning, after breakfast, Kaylee started having a tantrum. She wouldn't accept any food or water I was offering her, and she began to throw her body to the floor and writhe around. On our hard wood floor it couldn't have felt good. She began to work herself into a panic, and began arching her back and crying "owie," the way she had earlier. I was going to just let her cry until she calmed herself down, but when I saw the arching back I began to think maybe she was having heartburn again. So I carried her upstairs and got her a Tums again. This time, as soon as she got the tums in her hand, she gripped it tightly, and stopped crying. It was then that I saw a sly, almost secretive smile spread across her face. She popped the Tums in her mouth, and got up and turned to look at me with a most superior, self-pleased expression. It was the most adult-looking I'd ever seen her.
I then realized I'd been tricked. She must have wanted some "candy," (Thank you Halloween for introducing her) and figured she'd do what had gotten her what she must have thought was candy this morning. Needless to say I felt pretty foolish for being swindled by my 17-month-old, but I had to hand it to her. She really out-smarted me. My mom says it's only the begining. :)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Nap Time

It's funny. It seems like naps make a mommy's world go round. When Kaylee takes one, or better yet, two, everything feels wonderful, and all is right in the world. When she doesn't, I just can't seem to keep up with things, I forget appointments, and I'm burnt out by dinner time. Today she is taking a morning nap. We always try to take them around 10 and 2, but all too often she simply refuses. She is such a girlie girl, and she just doesn't want to be alone. To a person who doesn't have kids, that sounds trite. But to a mommy, life revolves around nap time. I think I'll never give it up, even when the kids are too old to nap, they'll have mandatory room time. I can feel my entire soul sigh with relief, and when she awakes, I'm ready to be there for her again. Nap time is rest time for everyone. Aaaaaaah. Like a nice warm bath. Hmmm, you know, I could take one right now! Freedom is delicious!!
Oh no!! I just heard a cry. Shoot. It's not fair. I was just starting to enjoy myself. :(