Friday, December 30, 2005

18m going on 16!

Kaylee is officially 18 months old today! She has grown so much it's impossible for me to tell you everything she's learned in the past couple months. She's matured by leaps and bounds, has learned new ways of playing, says lots of new words, and of course signs even more.

New verbal words include: Touch ("Duch" as in "Don't Touch"), Socks, Joshy (the 12-month-old I babysit), Alright, Right, Easy, Up, Okay (Oday), Buddy, More, Buh BYE, Hot, Potty (sounds like buddy, but she signs with it), Diaper (Diapoo or Diapy), Poo Poo, Stinky (Teentee), Eat, Cookie ("TeeTee"), Candy ("TeeTee" with sign for candy), Night Night, Baby, Oh-No, Eyes, Day, Ouch, Owie, Ay Bat (as in "I'll be right back"), Aw Dee (All Finished), Bottle (BaBA), Teeth, NO-NO, Naughty ("NANI"), and so much more that I'm sure I'm forgetting. Many many other words are hard to discern but definitely being attempted. She picks up on a word here and there she hears us say, and repeats it. But the ones I listed are the ones I can think of that she uses on her own.

Her "S" sounds like an "SH," so it's so darling to hear her say "Socks," and "Shoes." She also likes to shush everyone and everything, even her baby doll. Sometimes she just lays down and shushes to herself. "Sh sh sh sh shhhhhhhh."

New Signs include: Grapes, Bread, Cookie, Candy, Finished, Brush Teeth, Baby, Drink, Down, Daddy, Hot, Cold, Potty, and many others she mimiks when we do them with her. She nods yes now, and shakes her head and says "no" in answer to questions.

She has learned to play a kind of hide and seek, where she hides, and then jumps out as we look for her, and then she walks around looking in empty spots pretending not to know where we are and saying "Noooo....nooo...." until she decides to see us. It's so adorable. She's learned ring around the rosy, and when I say "Let's Dance!" she comes to me with both hands out ready to run in a circle and fall down. We're working on blowing kisses, but she likes me to do the hand part for her. Her favorite is to press her lips together and say "mmmmm", and kiss us on the mouth. She even tilts her head to the side to allow for the nose. (She's been watching mommy and daddy.) She likes to kiss Grandparents, other kids, babies, and anyone else who's gotten on her good list. She is picky, however, about who gets on that list.

Santa brought her a baby doll for christmas that looks like a real baby, (her first) and she has become a little mommy to it. She sleeps with it, comforts it when she's hurt or sad, cuddles it next to her face, entertains it by playing with it the way I play with her, and then of course drags it around by the foot and throws it. Babies are a favorite topic for her right now, and when she sees babies in TV or in real life, it's a source of much excitement and discussion for her. She knows mommy's tummy has something to do with babies because we talk about it all the time. She'll push on my stomach and do the sign for baby, but I think she's still a bit confused as to what exactly is "baby" about mommy's tummy, since she can clearly see it is a tummy, not a baby.

Naps. Oh, heavenly naps. She started, as of this month, liking to take naps! I think it is the influence of the boy Matthew that we've been watching. Matthew loves naps, and she has been watching him quietly lie down and put himself to sleep in the crib. She now talks about "Night Night," and sometimes even nods yes when I ask her if she wants to go night night. (We call all sleeping "night night.") Day or night, now she lies down in the crib, stroaks her eyelashes, and smiles at me. She sometimes gives me kisses, or just kisses air in my direction, and often waves goodbye. This is in drastic contrast her entire life up to last month when naps were torture and punishment for her, and she'd scream and sometimes not take any naps at all because she'd cry the entire time. I think our home day care has really helped her get on a strict schedule, and expect, even appreciate it. I am the most appreciative of all though, because I feel as though a great burdeon has been lifted off my shoulders. With the new baby coming, I knew I'd need those naps of hers. I thank Heavenly Father in my heart every time she snuggles down in her crib.

As of today, Kaylee is 28.5 inches tall. According to an old wives tale, if you measure a girl at 18 months (A boy at 24 months) and double the height, that will be her adult height. So if that were true for Kaylee, she'd be 57 inches- less than 5 feet tall- as an adult. Hmmm.

Kaylee is very small, which makes her very cute. People think she's much younger than she is, and oogle over how she can walk and talk. All her movements are petite and lady-like, even when she's trying to be tough and big. She likes to run and march now, and her little legs and knees bouncing up and down are so adorable. I'm teaching her how to gallop, and her efforts have her marching vigorously while waving her arms. She hasn't learned to hop yet, but she is trying.

Oh how I wish she weren't quite so shy, and then she could show everyone how many things she can do! As it is, only a select few people have ever heard her say, or seen her sign, or witnessed half of the adorable things I've talked about. If ever you see her and say to yourself "She can't possibly do all those things Ginny claims," Remember she's shy, and to strangers she shows only the tip top of her iceburg of knowledge. Imagine how cute she is being so tiny and doing so many grown up things!

Sigh, like I said, there is no way I can fill everyone in on the thousands of advancements she makes every day, so I suppose I'd better end this before it becomes a novel. Why oh why do they have to grow so quickly!! I'm afraid if I blink she'll suddenly be 16 and want nothing to do with me!! Sometimes I just squeeze her tight, pray for her, and hope someday she'll understand how special and important she is, how much she has to offer, and, perhaps, how much her mother loves her.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Month Later

Well, I'm now babysitting two little boys during the day, an 11-month-old and an 18-month-old. So with my own little girl I have three kids under 19 months. Our house is having to become more baby-proof, and I'm having to work harder and harder to keep up. I'm 32 weeks pregnant now. My baby is rock solid and bigger than Kaylee was already. I'm not in any hurry to have this baby because, as they say, my stomach is the best babysitter I'll ever have. We don't have a name yet. We're hoping to be inspired when he's born. I'm still planning a home birth. When I think of giving birth I automaticly picture myself screaming in a hospital bed, and then I remember that I'll be in my own house, wherever I want to be, and then I feel happy and excited. I'm having a little trouble with an increased heart-rate but low blood pressure which keeps me feeling cold and tired, but unable to sleep. Apart from that, things are really fine. Well, Kaylee has gone down for a nap, which she is begining to desire regularly, and I feel myself begining to fall asleep too. Maybe I should get some shut-eye while I can. Good-Bye for now!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Little Stinker

This morning Kaylee woke up in distress. She was screaming and arching her back crying "owie" with tears coming out of her eyes. Kevin was holding her, and she wanted to be held, but then would jolt her body all over the place. She ran around when he put her down, and came back to him with her arms up. Nothing would satisfy her. This went on for a good 10 minutes or so, with the most horrible coliky sounding screams, and then I remembered that arching the back can be a sign of heart burn. I got out the Tums, and gave her part of one. She franticly took it, and stopped crying as soon as she began swallowing. I was satisfied that I had diagnosed the correct problem.
Then later this morning, after breakfast, Kaylee started having a tantrum. She wouldn't accept any food or water I was offering her, and she began to throw her body to the floor and writhe around. On our hard wood floor it couldn't have felt good. She began to work herself into a panic, and began arching her back and crying "owie," the way she had earlier. I was going to just let her cry until she calmed herself down, but when I saw the arching back I began to think maybe she was having heartburn again. So I carried her upstairs and got her a Tums again. This time, as soon as she got the tums in her hand, she gripped it tightly, and stopped crying. It was then that I saw a sly, almost secretive smile spread across her face. She popped the Tums in her mouth, and got up and turned to look at me with a most superior, self-pleased expression. It was the most adult-looking I'd ever seen her.
I then realized I'd been tricked. She must have wanted some "candy," (Thank you Halloween for introducing her) and figured she'd do what had gotten her what she must have thought was candy this morning. Needless to say I felt pretty foolish for being swindled by my 17-month-old, but I had to hand it to her. She really out-smarted me. My mom says it's only the begining. :)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Nap Time

It's funny. It seems like naps make a mommy's world go round. When Kaylee takes one, or better yet, two, everything feels wonderful, and all is right in the world. When she doesn't, I just can't seem to keep up with things, I forget appointments, and I'm burnt out by dinner time. Today she is taking a morning nap. We always try to take them around 10 and 2, but all too often she simply refuses. She is such a girlie girl, and she just doesn't want to be alone. To a person who doesn't have kids, that sounds trite. But to a mommy, life revolves around nap time. I think I'll never give it up, even when the kids are too old to nap, they'll have mandatory room time. I can feel my entire soul sigh with relief, and when she awakes, I'm ready to be there for her again. Nap time is rest time for everyone. Aaaaaaah. Like a nice warm bath. Hmmm, you know, I could take one right now! Freedom is delicious!!
Oh no!! I just heard a cry. Shoot. It's not fair. I was just starting to enjoy myself. :(

Friday, October 28, 2005

We're having a boy!

I had the ultrasound yesterday, and it's official. We're having a boy! I was beaming all day just thinking about how our life is going to change. I feel like we're starting over from the begining! We're going to have to work something out with the living space, since our spare room is a guest room right now, and Kaylee's room is so big I'd like her to share, but it's all purple, and I'm afraid of them keeping eachother up at night. I guess many decisions will have to wait so I can see how Kaylee will be behaving as a 20-month-old. No one can tell me, because every child is different.

I'm just a little nervous to have a boy. I don't think it will be as easy to correct and discipline a boy. Kaylee, for the most part, follows whatever rules we give her. She puts things away, she obeys most of the time, she cries if we seem dissapointed in her, and all in all she WANTS to be good. I'm just not sure we'll get that same ease with a boy.

This baby boy is very very active. Every waking minute he's kicking me. I'm nervous about how I'll manage when he's no longer contained! I'm sure we'll adapt, though. I was nervous about how we'd adjust to having a baby at all, but we did, and we will again.

As far as updates on Kaylee, she is still improving on communication. She tries to do whatever sign language I show her, and she's improving on her accuracy. Also, her speach is improving. She's saying the first part of many words, and is putting several signs together, like "more food." She now understands that "more" can be used in many circumstances, not just pertaining to food. Such as, the other day she was signing "more" for more slide.

We're so happy to have a real family now!! I feel like a true mom!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Kaylee, Dec 2004

Baby Hay Day

My Baby is going wild today!! I'm talking about the one in my tummy. I've never felt this much movement before! In fact, I was able to see my tummy rising and falling with the bumps and kicks! That's a first for this pregnancy. It's unique because when I was pregnant with Kaylee I don't remember this much movement this early. Kaylee moved very softly most of the time, so it was rare that we could see my tummy move or feel her kick from the outside. I have a feeling this baby has a very different personality. I can't wait to meet him or her!!

Friday, September 16, 2005


That last post was posted early because a certain little girl was playing with the mouse. Well, I was pretty much finished anyway.

I thought I'd let everyone know that we'll be having our ultrasound next month. We are excited to find out the gender, and I can't wait to start really seriously picking out a name. I don't feel an urgency to bring this baby into the world yet because I feel like Kaylee just isn't quite ready. When she can go up and down stairs unassisted, I'll feel much better about having two. As it is, I'm dreading the prospect of carrying two babies plus all their diapers and stuff up and down our 32 stairs every day.

Well, right now, and not for much longer, all of my mom's daughters are pregnant! Tami is due in 3 days, I'm due in February, and Karma is due in May. We are so excited to meet these new additions to our lives!

An update on Kaylee. She can now say in sign language:
thank you

And she can audibly say:
no ("na")
thanks ("dnce")
baby ("beebee")

She learns new signs and words all the time. I can barely keep up! Well, that's all for now!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Family Vacation

Kaylee just had her first trip to the Beach! She loved the sand, but she was very nervous about the ocean, and would run back and forth in front of the tide line anxiously groaning. We would carry her out to wade in the water, and the first day she cried and we had to bring her back ashore. But after that she became more brave, and even wanted to run into the ankle-deep water and then run back out. She also conquered her fear of the pool! While at the beach, she LOVED the pool. Perhaps because the water stayed still. She would kackle and squeel and splash and try to swim as Kevin or I held her. She is changing and growing so very fast. She grew out of her up-to-18lb onsies while we were there, so the last day we had to let her run around with her onsie unbuttoned.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Real Mom Now

I felt my little baby moving today, more than I've ever felt before. It occured to me suddenly that I love this little one, just as much as my 1st daughter. It shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was so sudden. I've been feeling tired and worn, and almost dreading the work I'm about to get in to, and then today, a burdeon released from my mind when I realized that I love this baby! I CHOOSE to bring this child into the world, and I WANT to raise, teach, and nurture him or her. Suddenly, I'm excited about what lay ahead! Another love in my life! I can't wait!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Getting Along

Well, there's no new news, but Kaylee sure is getting along nicely. She goes up and down ramps and hills much better now, and can get down steps and other ledges by sitting down the way we've taught her. Her balance, and strength continue to increase. Everyone still says she's so very beautiful, and even my 2 yr. old nephew says "Pretty EYES!" as he tries to touch her eyes. :)

It's August now, the busy season for our mattress store, so Kaylee and I have been going to work to help out. Kaylee loves to go around with her father and show customers various beds. She walks up to a random bed, and pushes on it, and pats it the way we and customers do. She makes herself at home there, which pleases me because customers love her, and she makes everything fun! I used to dread going to work, but now I really don't mind much, except that she refuses to nap there. :( Another small down side to her being at the store is that she LOVES bugs! She tries to catch and eat live bugs, and many times succeeds, eww. We keep an eye on her, but she can be very quiet and fast. She sometimes plays with them, and lets them crawl on her hands, but she usually ends up trying to eat them in the end. You'd be surprised at what a good little bug-catcher she is! Yuck, huh.

Meanwhile, I look like I'm walking around with a small pillow beneath my shirt. My pregnancy is going fine, though I'm so dehydrated in this heat! I feel the baby bump in the night when I'm laying down. It's so fun! I had a dream two nights ago that my baby was a girl. I wonder if it was prophetic, or just wishful thinking. I am resigning myself to being happy if it is a boy, though, because Kaylee does need a brother. I certainly loved having a brother. Besides, people say raising boys is easier than raising girls. :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kaylee puts away

At first I thought it was a fluke, but after many repeats of this phenomenon, I've decided it's really happening. I have often found Kaylee's toys back in the toybox when I haven't put them away, and a few times I've noticed her picking up laundry and putting it in the basket. Last night Kevin saw her take an item out of the lazy suzan, then turn the shelf back to the right position, and close the cabinet door; then this morning when I couldn't find my cell phone, after a frantic search, I found it safely put away in Kaylee's toy box with her other toys. ;) So Kaylee is really putting things away! Perhaps she's noticed me cleaning up after her all day, and she's immitating, or perhaps she just has a gift for organizing. Either way, it's one of those joys of motherhood that only a parent could truly understand. To see my child learn something constructive that will serve her the rest of her life, not to mention it will make my life infinitely easier if it is encouraged and continued; OH what JOY!

On another note, my oldest sister Tami who is expecting her second child in September, has hired a doula to assist her in her hospital birth. And by some coincidence, that doula is the assistant to my midwife, and will be attending my birth! What a small world! Tami and I are so excited about natural births now, and could talk anyone's ear off about all the common sense of it, whenever it's possible. It's fun to have family on board.

As I was writing this, Kaylee surpassed another milestone! We have a hearth that's a foot high, and she likes to climb up on it. She just learned how to get off by sitting down and hanging her feet over the edge. I've been working with her on this for several weeks, and she finally got it!! Yaay!! Well, until next time!--Ginny

Thursday, July 28, 2005

So you'd like an update

Word is my brother-in-law would like an update. I'm sorry to say that there's still no news yet. We haven't even picked a Doctor, so we haven't had an ultrasound. I assume that is what he was referring to. :) Anyhow, I can't remember how far along I am now, but I'm sure it's not 20 weeks yet. That's when we'll find out what we're having. I did get to hear my baby's heart beat, and that was such a thrill!! The midwife came for my first prenatal visit, and was able to find it. It was bold, loud, and strong- like a boy- perhaps! Kevin wants a boy so badly, though we've gotten so used to our little girl we're not sure what we'd do with a boy! My midwife thinks it's a boy too because I was so sick with my girl, and now I'm hardly ever sick. But some people think that's just because my body knows what's going on, since I had a baby just a year ago. So the suspense continues.

The other day Kevin and I were watching TV, and he just blurted out, "I wish you didn't have to go through child-birth again." Until that moment, I hadn't really thought about the fact that I was going to have to go through that indescribable pain again!! Thinking about it, my heart-rate started speeding up, and I had to take deep breaths to try to calm myself. I decided I must do what every mother has to do, and "take no thought for the things of tomarrow, for tomarrow will take thought for the things of itself." (Sermon on the Mount) They say that a woman going into labor for the first time is scared because she doesn't know what to expect. A woman going into labor for the second time is terrified because she KNOWS what to expect! But of course, as TLC says of childbirth, "Anything worth having is worth fighting for." And that's the truth.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mom times 2

Well, Kaylee is almost 13 months old now, and we're expecting number 2! We think it'll be a boy this time, but we won't know for sure for a couple of weeks. Kaylee has recently become a handful. She's discovered her stubborn side, (she gets that from her father,) and is testing me every time I turn around. I don't know if we'd have gone ahead and gotten pregnant again if we'd waited until now. I suppose it's best just to jump into some things, and take whatever comes, rather than waiting until it's convenient. Other wise, we'd be making the decisions based on our own immediate selfish desires, and not what's best in the long run. Children do not stay toddlers forever, and this I keep telling myself as I pull my hair out. Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad. I'm watching my baby's brain develop at phenomenal rates! She talks babble, with lots of inflections in her voice, and even does a little sign language, which delights me to see. She walks and runs beautifully, and can now drink from a sippy cup all by herself. I treasure the sweet moments when she sleeps on my shoulder, or runs to give her daddy a hug.

One day, as I was suffering from morning sickness, she placed her hand on my arm and spoke softly into my ear, some thing that sounded like, "bada blanada da." And stood quietly beside me as I wretched over the toilet. Such a sweet angel. Every time we sit on the floor with her, she climbs into our laps. She loves to hug and cuddle, and she's happiest when we're all together. So parenting is full of good and ugly. It's our privilege to dwell on the good, while still not putting up with naughty behavior. It's harder than it looks! I have such a new, profound respect for my own mother. Thanks mom, for ALL you did and DO!!

Monday, June 20, 2005

A year ago today

Exactly one year ago, I was sitting in a hospital bed, thinking I was in labor. It turned out to be only a practice run, but that 15 hour false alarm set the stage for the most incredible birth experience I never imagined. After my difficult and uncomfortable experience in the hospital, I remember my husband and I sighing with relief when we finally drove away. I could feel all my muscles relaxing, and a wave of comfort took over my entire being as soon as I saw my home. Looking back, the hospital was a cold, stark environment compared to my house, and I'm glad my baby wasn't born there. My next child will be born at home too, if all goes well. I'll have a midwife, and plan it this time, and my baby will have the opportunity to be born in the loving, spiritual atmosphere that my first baby was. I was never the kind of person who agreed with home births, but after my accidental one, I was sold! In the hospital, I was tense and nervous. At home, I was at peace. That's definitely the experience I'd choose!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Have you ever had a loved one suddenly gone?

I was thinking one day about what it's like when someone you love, unexpectedly dies. This is the product of that.

Standing lone amid a crowd,
Questions o’er my thinking shroud.
Where did you go that mournful day?
Why did you leave that lonely way?
Without a word, no last goodbye,
Did you run away, Or rise to fly?
Where did you go, I need to know, and Why?

Did turning back, you weep to find
Grief seizing worlds which you’d been part,
Or did it cross your forward mind
You held another’s beating heart?

Questions I cannot hope to answer.
Wond’ring is a growing cancer.

Looking past as strangers plod,
Asking you, and asking God.
Show me clearly where to find
The mountains you once bravely climbed.

Wanting for your fond embrace,
I fumble, cannot find my place.
If I but step I’ll fall, I fear.
I need your strength, your words to hear.

Embarrassed, looking at my feet,
A smile escapes, you warmly greet.
As I can feel you draw me near.
I cannot stem this budding tear.

Naught is why when through my heart
You’re warm sun’s loving ray.
Naught is went when where you are
Is not so far away.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Becoming a Mother

When I gave birth to my daughter, I felt as though legions of angels were cheering with me. Now, as I look at her, I can see why. Something I never really considered is that each new life that enters the world affects it in some way. And every new baby has the potential to affect it in some great way. I look at Kaylee, and I don't see just a little 1-yr-old toddling around, I see generations that will stem from her great grandmother, and great great grandmother. Her legacy will affect hundreds, and thousands of people! Every time she meets a friend, she will change her/him in some way. Every time she falls in love, or stands up for herself, or shows compassion, she will alter the world a little more. Every time she teaches someone, or hurts someone, she's changing the world, for better, or worse. When the fate of the world is depending on ME to raise my daughter right, it's hard not to be afraid from time to time! At least I'm not Mary, and that's not literally true. I imagine she was more than just a little aprehensive from time to time. I think we women feel a strong connection to Mary when we become mothers, because we feel just a smidge of what she must have felt, and those of us who give birth naturally feel just a smidge of what Jesus felt in the Garden of Gethsemane. How could we not feel closer to them!

Monday, May 16, 2005

First Step

Kaylee stood up unassisted and took her first step yesterday. She started standing up in the morning at home, which Kevin got to see before me. Then at our friend's house, she stood up by herself, and took one step toward me! It was so amazing! She hasn't done it since, but we know she'll start walking very soon. I bought Kaylee a 12month dress today. The first one I've bought. I couldn't believe she's old enough to wear it yet! Why can't they stay young forever? It's so hard to see my baby grow up.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Tender Moment

Last night my Kaylee cried out in the night. There's nothing unusual about that, except she usually cries because she's woken up hungry, but this time I'd just fed her an hour before, so I didn't know what the trouble could be. I thought about letting her cry herself to sleep, but her cries became so frantic, I decided I'd better comfort her. She stood up to greet me with tears still on her cheeks, and I picked her up and held her close to me. Instantly she lay her head on my shoulder, and we stood, swaying as I stroked her back. Genty, and oh so sweetly, Kaylee reached her chubby arm and wrapped it round my neck, as her other arm squeezed my arm. There in that moment I received my first real hug from my baby girl. She quietly drifted off to sleep, and I was almost sad to leave her even though it was 2am. Imagine if I'd just let her cry. What a tender moment I would have missed.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mis Dios

Kaylee surpassed another developmental mile stone today. She decided it was okay to leave my presence in order to play by herself with her toys. I could see her making the decision in her head, and off she went, away from me. It was a sad realization that from here on out, she'll be more independant, although it was also a relief because...well...from here on out she'll be more independant! Parenting seems to be a constant bitter-sweet emotion.

I'm teaching the youth in my ward to dance. Sad thing is I have to teach myself to dance first. They are trying to follow a clueless leader, but are handling it admirably so far. I called in my cousin Byron to help out, and he was a life-saver. All the teens loved him, and asked him to come back next week. At least I did something right.