Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May 2006

Above is our family on Easter, and the other two pictures speak for themselves. About the picture of Kaylee, she was playing a few feet away from me, and was quiet for a few moments. I looked to find her sleeping in her car, with one foot out of the door. She had fought her nap that day, and ironically, the nap won. Peter is maturing daily, and is now almost wearing 6-9 month clothes, at only 4 months old! He's a sweetheart. For the past month or so, Peter would wail every time I put him in a certain bouncy seat we have, and I'd give him a passy to suck on, or just tell him I'd be with him soon, but I couldn't hold him all the time you know. He'd arch his back, cry, and nearly squirm out of it . I figured he just didn't like it because it laid him back too far or something. Then today I was cleaning it and found an old pacifier underneath the lining! It was the hard plastic kind too. My poor baby was having to sit on that!! No wonder he hated it! Just goes to show you that you should always listen to your babies, and trust what they're telling you, even if you can't understand it right then. I really felt terrible for making him endure that.

My extended family:

May 1st Keith Daniel Tucker was born. Karma was able to give birth via vbac, just like she wanted, and raved and raved about how great she felt, how at peace with herself she was, and how satisfied she was after pushing her baby out and being able to walk around and not be tied to a morphine drip. (Her first two babies were c-sections.)

My sister Tami is pregnant again with her 3rd child! Her babies will be just 16 months apart. She wanted it that way so the adjustment wouldn't be so hard for the older boy, (Joey). Her oldest was 3 when his younger brother was born, and Tami felt it was just too hard for him to adjust to the newcomer. So we're all thrilled!!

My old roommate Kerri Crozier is expecting twins after trying for over 4 years! I'm so excited and happy for her!

My family is coming along. Kevin and I are learning to forgive, apologize, and compromise. It's hard sometimes, but I know it is worth it. I have promised myself that my kids will always have their father and mother united. Our hearts grow bigger with every trial, and every memory.

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  1. Hey Ginny! I miss reading your blog! Where are you??