Saturday, October 17, 2009

I thought we'd be taking a few days off of homeschooling when we took our trip to the Temple this past weekend. Instead it was a wonderful hands-on field trip, giving them an opportunity to live their faith. I say their, because they love Jesus and the church just as much as I do! Kaylee told me she wanted to get married in the Temple, and Peter told us that he couldn't wait until he grew up and could go inside, "and Daddy can help me!" They soak in every religious lesson they learn, and want to live it all! Peter and Kaylee often tell me that Jesus loves them "so very much!"
We took a flag with us, and practiced the Pledge of Allegiance. I was amazed that with coaching, the baby can say the Pledge! Wow! I loved this trip. We told very few people we were going, and we enjoyed peace and harmony there and back. Kevin's parents and we rode up in their RV. I was so happy to give the kids some undivided attention for a change. While it wasn't a without any hiccups or disagreements, it was overall a great experience, and we were able to resolve any harsh feelings quickly, and still enjoy ourselves. I guess that's the joy of homeschooling. I could just pack up and leave with the kids, and answer to no one except God!

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  1. oh the DC temple! That is by where I grew up I miss it so much!