Monday, January 18, 2010

The more I know, the more I don't know...

Daily Life

I believe every day there should be something the kids and/or I can count on and look forward to.  I do enjoy our traditions, and often pray that the kids will cooperate.  My kids do not obey my every word, and sometimes they won't listen at all.  Especially when they're stir crazy during these winter months.  Then, out of the blue, we'll have a really good day when they will surprise me with their insight and kindness, and they will prove to me that they deserve the high praise I heap upon them.  I continually take their spiritual, emotional, and intellectual temperatures, and measure that to what it was a week ago, or a month ago, and try to evaluate if we've improved or slipped back somewhere.


I started having 30 minutes alone with each child.  Kaylee teaches Kendon while I work with Peter.  Peter is supposed to teach Kendon while I work with Kaylee.  Kaylee teaches Peter while I work with Kendon.  Peter doesn't take to this teaching stuff very naturally, but then again, he's only 3.

Kaylee loves Jesus, and loves to think about him and talk about him.  One day Peter was asking about why the water obeys Jesus.  I started thinking about explaining the power of God, but Kaylee answered for me.  She said, "Because the water loves Him.  Right Mommy?"  I was amazed at how true and simple that was, and agreed whole heartedly.  I added,  "We love Jesus, so we want to obey him too."

Peter is such a quick learner.  I am inundated constantly, every day by questions about every movie, TV show, book, or event he's ever seen or heard.  In order to teach him, all I have to do is answer every question with attention instead of just pacifying him with pat answers.  He is so easy and listens so well to what I'm saying, even though he may be bouncing on the couch at the time, I tend to give him less attention, which I need to rectify.

Kendon is growing and learning to talk rapidly!  I can't keep up!  Every day he'll say a new sentence, and surprise me that he knows what he's saying.  His favorite phrase right now, is "No way!"  He is so funny, and he's full of character.  He loves to say, "Hea hav dat" as he hands me things.  He also loves to sit and read with me, which also helps his improving vocabulary.  He is a climber, which is my only frustration with him.  He won't stay off of the table, counters, or changing table, and I'm constantly worried that he's going to break an arm!

Striving Always for Better

We're a work in progress, and every day we mess up and have to refocus.  Every day I ask for help and forgiveness, then help again, and every day, by the end of the day, I feel the Spirit of Christ return to our walls, and fill us up with protection from the outside influences that might tear us down otherwise.  I guess that's what it's all about, and that's why the Bible tells us, "don't let the sun go down on your anger."  Because we want to sleep with Christ's light filling our hearts and minds, and angels to watch over us in our vulnerable state.  We can't have that if we've gone to bed angry or have not apologized for any contention and resolved it, allowing the Spirit to return.

I have HOPE that with Christ's help and example, I will some day reach my righteous goals in life.  I say to myself every day, "Never give up, Ginny.  Growth is happening as long as you NEVER give up."

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