Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If you've never been thrown up on, you're probably not a mom

"I Frowed up Mommy."  

The human body is full of many wonders and miracles.  One of those is its ability to fight off pathogens that seek to destroy it.  If a pathogen is found, and its design signals the body to purge the stomach in defense, we are presented with the contents of the stomach.  Again, and again, and again.  We can learn about it, hear about it, but until you have had the contents of someone else's stomach ejected onto you (and furniture and carpet,) the true depth of the experience will not be understood.  

There is a series of reactions we go through when it happens the first time. 
Disbelief:  "That did not just happen!!"
The internal "Ick" Factor:  "Nasty! Gross! Ugh! Get it off! Ew! Ew! Ew!"
Confusion:  "How am I supposed to clean this up?"
Whine:  "I want MY mommy!"
Action:  "I guess I'll get the paper towels...Pine Sol, spray Lysol,Windex, scrub brush, towels..."
Then back to "Ick":  "I don't want to touch that!!"  Fighting the gag reflex as you get elbow deep in the stuff despite your best efforts to remain unsoiled or to avoid further soiling.  
Resignation: "This is the situation, I will do what it takes to remedy it."

With each successive time, each reaction begins to fade or slow down, and eventually, thankfully, only Resignation is left.  Once we process our reactions, we can start to feel compassion, pity, empathy, and even sorrow for the sick person.  We begin to think clearly, plan ahead for the next time, and even take time out for some hugs and snuggling, yes, even sick people, need hugs, and if you're a mom who won't hug her sick children for fear of getting sick, shame on you!  Courage is a necessary ingredient of parenting.  Another necessary ingredient is an immune supplement, like Airborne, Emergen-C, Zicam, Echinacea, or dozens other virus-fighting products and herbs, like garlic, or zinc, or vitamin D.  So do take care of yourself, but also, be there for your kids.

To all you moms who have held a sick baby, I applaud you!  To all you moms who don't react with disgust to their throw-up anymore, because you've allowed yourself to experience it enough times, Thank You!  You are a champion to your children, and an example they will never forget!  You are not sacrificing for them, you are rising up to meet their needs, and you are rising in the process!  You are a Hero.  You are a Saint.  You are being blessed in ways you cannot imagine.  Good job!

If you are anyone who cleans the bodily excretions and fluids of anyone else, be it the elderly, the infirm, the handicapped, or children, THANK YOU.  You deserve all the praise this world can offer.  You are growing in ways you can't imagine, more and more each time.  You are a blessing; an instrument in God's hands, and you are so dearly appreciated, if not by the recipient, then by your Father in Heaven.  May God continue to bless you.

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