Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mis Dios

Kaylee surpassed another developmental mile stone today. She decided it was okay to leave my presence in order to play by herself with her toys. I could see her making the decision in her head, and off she went, away from me. It was a sad realization that from here on out, she'll be more independant, although it was also a relief because...well...from here on out she'll be more independant! Parenting seems to be a constant bitter-sweet emotion.

I'm teaching the youth in my ward to dance. Sad thing is I have to teach myself to dance first. They are trying to follow a clueless leader, but are handling it admirably so far. I called in my cousin Byron to help out, and he was a life-saver. All the teens loved him, and asked him to come back next week. At least I did something right.

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