Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Tender Moment

Last night my Kaylee cried out in the night. There's nothing unusual about that, except she usually cries because she's woken up hungry, but this time I'd just fed her an hour before, so I didn't know what the trouble could be. I thought about letting her cry herself to sleep, but her cries became so frantic, I decided I'd better comfort her. She stood up to greet me with tears still on her cheeks, and I picked her up and held her close to me. Instantly she lay her head on my shoulder, and we stood, swaying as I stroked her back. Genty, and oh so sweetly, Kaylee reached her chubby arm and wrapped it round my neck, as her other arm squeezed my arm. There in that moment I received my first real hug from my baby girl. She quietly drifted off to sleep, and I was almost sad to leave her even though it was 2am. Imagine if I'd just let her cry. What a tender moment I would have missed.

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  1. Ginny! I love the way you write! I miss your little girl! I bet she's so big now, huh? I will send you an email soon with the info you wanted on me. :-) love you! Becky