Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Have you ever had a loved one suddenly gone?

I was thinking one day about what it's like when someone you love, unexpectedly dies. This is the product of that.

Standing lone amid a crowd,
Questions o’er my thinking shroud.
Where did you go that mournful day?
Why did you leave that lonely way?
Without a word, no last goodbye,
Did you run away, Or rise to fly?
Where did you go, I need to know, and Why?

Did turning back, you weep to find
Grief seizing worlds which you’d been part,
Or did it cross your forward mind
You held another’s beating heart?

Questions I cannot hope to answer.
Wond’ring is a growing cancer.

Looking past as strangers plod,
Asking you, and asking God.
Show me clearly where to find
The mountains you once bravely climbed.

Wanting for your fond embrace,
I fumble, cannot find my place.
If I but step I’ll fall, I fear.
I need your strength, your words to hear.

Embarrassed, looking at my feet,
A smile escapes, you warmly greet.
As I can feel you draw me near.
I cannot stem this budding tear.

Naught is why when through my heart
You’re warm sun’s loving ray.
Naught is went when where you are
Is not so far away.

1 comment:

  1. Ginny, that was beautiful! you made me cry! We both know how painful that is. I love you!