Saturday, August 13, 2005

Getting Along

Well, there's no new news, but Kaylee sure is getting along nicely. She goes up and down ramps and hills much better now, and can get down steps and other ledges by sitting down the way we've taught her. Her balance, and strength continue to increase. Everyone still says she's so very beautiful, and even my 2 yr. old nephew says "Pretty EYES!" as he tries to touch her eyes. :)

It's August now, the busy season for our mattress store, so Kaylee and I have been going to work to help out. Kaylee loves to go around with her father and show customers various beds. She walks up to a random bed, and pushes on it, and pats it the way we and customers do. She makes herself at home there, which pleases me because customers love her, and she makes everything fun! I used to dread going to work, but now I really don't mind much, except that she refuses to nap there. :( Another small down side to her being at the store is that she LOVES bugs! She tries to catch and eat live bugs, and many times succeeds, eww. We keep an eye on her, but she can be very quiet and fast. She sometimes plays with them, and lets them crawl on her hands, but she usually ends up trying to eat them in the end. You'd be surprised at what a good little bug-catcher she is! Yuck, huh.

Meanwhile, I look like I'm walking around with a small pillow beneath my shirt. My pregnancy is going fine, though I'm so dehydrated in this heat! I feel the baby bump in the night when I'm laying down. It's so fun! I had a dream two nights ago that my baby was a girl. I wonder if it was prophetic, or just wishful thinking. I am resigning myself to being happy if it is a boy, though, because Kaylee does need a brother. I certainly loved having a brother. Besides, people say raising boys is easier than raising girls. :)

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