Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kaylee puts away

At first I thought it was a fluke, but after many repeats of this phenomenon, I've decided it's really happening. I have often found Kaylee's toys back in the toybox when I haven't put them away, and a few times I've noticed her picking up laundry and putting it in the basket. Last night Kevin saw her take an item out of the lazy suzan, then turn the shelf back to the right position, and close the cabinet door; then this morning when I couldn't find my cell phone, after a frantic search, I found it safely put away in Kaylee's toy box with her other toys. ;) So Kaylee is really putting things away! Perhaps she's noticed me cleaning up after her all day, and she's immitating, or perhaps she just has a gift for organizing. Either way, it's one of those joys of motherhood that only a parent could truly understand. To see my child learn something constructive that will serve her the rest of her life, not to mention it will make my life infinitely easier if it is encouraged and continued; OH what JOY!

On another note, my oldest sister Tami who is expecting her second child in September, has hired a doula to assist her in her hospital birth. And by some coincidence, that doula is the assistant to my midwife, and will be attending my birth! What a small world! Tami and I are so excited about natural births now, and could talk anyone's ear off about all the common sense of it, whenever it's possible. It's fun to have family on board.

As I was writing this, Kaylee surpassed another milestone! We have a hearth that's a foot high, and she likes to climb up on it. She just learned how to get off by sitting down and hanging her feet over the edge. I've been working with her on this for several weeks, and she finally got it!! Yaay!! Well, until next time!--Ginny

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  1. Ginny, it's so fun to read your thoughts and experiences, it gets me excited about having my own baby in 7 months!