Saturday, September 10, 2005

Family Vacation

Kaylee just had her first trip to the Beach! She loved the sand, but she was very nervous about the ocean, and would run back and forth in front of the tide line anxiously groaning. We would carry her out to wade in the water, and the first day she cried and we had to bring her back ashore. But after that she became more brave, and even wanted to run into the ankle-deep water and then run back out. She also conquered her fear of the pool! While at the beach, she LOVED the pool. Perhaps because the water stayed still. She would kackle and squeel and splash and try to swim as Kevin or I held her. She is changing and growing so very fast. She grew out of her up-to-18lb onsies while we were there, so the last day we had to let her run around with her onsie unbuttoned.

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