Monday, June 01, 2009

A move, kid updates, and more

Our family has moved to Floyd, VA. We're now enjoying the great outdoors and a slower-paced life. I don't have to do anything but take care of my family. Kevin is busily looking for work, but it has also been nice to have him around more.

Family Traditions

We now have two traditions. A Family Home Evening night, when we will sing songs, talk a little about our religious beliefs or family goals, do an activity of some sort, (The kids like to put on shows for us, and we ALWAYS do the Hokie Pokie followed by a big family hug,) and have a treat afterwards. On Thursdays we have Pancake, Popcorn, Movie night. We offered a standing invitation to Kevin's family to come enjoy it with us. Kevin's parents have faithfully come just about every week. It is guarunteed no-agenda time together, and the kids absolutely love being able to count on it. Those nights we will not discuss disagreements, there are no offenses taken, and we do not discuss problems.

On a lighter note: Beware the Vaccuum

The night before moving day, I was trying to vaccuum under the couch. I had my back turned away from the vaccuum, using the wand. Sounds innocent enough, right? As I was doing so, Baby Kendon came crawling up, and stuck his hand underneath the brushes. I heard crying, but assumed it was just the baby crying as he frequently does, because I was not paying attention to him. I ignored it at first. Kaylee shouted to me, "MOMMY! The baby has BLEED on him!" That got my attention, and I looked up. To my horror, his hand was almost completely skinless! I could see veins and fat deposits, and surprisingly it wasn't bleeding all that much. But I knew it was going to hurt. Thankfully I had swiped some of my dad's old wound dressings, and Kevin's mother brought over some triple antibiotic ointment. We wrapped it the best we could with him squirming all over. Each day I changed the dressing, and finally after about 7 days, the skin grew back. It was just in time, because Kennie lost what little patience he'd had for it. Now it is scarred, but even the scar is fading from his resillient skin. He did NOT learn from it, though, he is still fearless, and crawls after the vaccuum, often with hand outstretched, no doubt wanting to see if the same thing will happen again. I have to be on my toes, and quick! I never, ever turn my back on the vaccuum anymore.

Speaking of Fearless

The baby can go up and down stairs now, because he never stopped trying for a minute. He took a huge tumble from the top of the stairs, and one tumble from the middle of the stairs. He cried, took a breath and did it again and again over the course of a few days, and now he's got it. What a great life skill, (even if it does scare mommy half to death!)

Family Goals:

The other day we were having Family Home Evening, or rather afternoon, and I wrote on large pieces of construction paper, our goals. First: Be Calm--Calm is Power; Calm is Strength. Second: Be Clean--Make Your World Beautiful. We discussed them for probably 30 seconds, and signed our names to our goals. Kevin and I helped the kids of course. Then we went out for ice cream. Later, my daughter was starting to demand something, and I gave her a choice and a consequence (without getting emotional,) and she stopped herself from escalating into a tantrum. She paused, took a deep breath, and said aloud, "Wait...I needa be calm. Okay mommy, I'm sorry I yelled like that, I will not do it again." Then she calmly asked if I would be willing to remove the consequence. I lessened it, though not removing it completely, and she actually said "Okay, Thank You." Then this morning the kids made their bed without being asked, and were so proud of themselves! They are only 3 and 4 (almost 5) years old, but they are excited and invested in our family goals! Is this REALLY MY family??? WOW!!

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  1. Wow that vaccuum story was scary! I've never had that one happen to me and I thought I'd lived through every kid adventure! I'm so glad I found your blog. I love blogs of people I actually know!